DUSTY #3 ???

Since the release of Delinquents (Dusty #2) in October, if I were given a nickel for every time someone asked me one single question, I would be one rich woman.

Will there be a third Dusty book?

As I’m typing this, I’m listening to the original Dusty playlist—the one I made on Spotify as I wrote the Edward/Bella version. Before Dusty was Innocents and Delinquents, Thomas and Leighlee … it was simply a Jar of Hearts. This tale of a junk food junkie and her monster was simply reposted photos on Tumblr and the way my heart sped up when Christina Perri sang a song on So You Think You Can Dance? about the ice inside your soul.

All of these years later, I can literally look up right this second at my bookshelf and see two books with my name printed across them above my worn and loved-too-much Twilight Series.

It’s unreal.

For those who know me from before I became Indie Author Mary Elizabeth—when I was TeamBella23/one part YellowBella—continuing Dusty on Fanfiction.net after it was officially “complete” was something I did for charity, and  because if I didn't these characters were going to eat me up.

(They do anyway.)

I still write Dusty and Bliss. There’s a folder in my Dropbox full of half pages and scenes that come alive when I hear or see something that inspires me. There’s entire chapters I’ve written. Entire years of their lives. Alternate beginnings, middles, and ends.

I’m an author. I write when my characters speak.

But that’s a personal problem. I’m plagued by the voices in my head, you know.

Here the deal: There won’t be a third book. Thomas and Leighlee told their story, and their ending was sort of a beginning too. Some of the best moments I’ve had with readers is when listening to different versions of what happens after “Hello”—the good, the bad, and the what the fuck, Dusty is not a ghost!

That’s the beauty of a book.

Know that I appreciate and am inspired by the love Dusty and Bliss have been given by the reading community, fandom and not. I do have a third book on it’s way, but just because it’s not a Dusty book, don’t think that they don’t live on. They do.  

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  1. Your comments make me want to cry because Dusty and Bliss are now a part of my life too♡

  2. Such beautiful books, Mary. I look forward to your next. Even without Dusty and Leighlee. :)

    1. Thanks for always being so supportive, Sunniva. I can't wait until we meet each other in October.

  3. It makes sad... I want more.. But I guess as you said, Dusty and Bliss told their story.. Now it's time to let go.. Not 'Let go, let go' because seriously, it's IMPOSSIBLE to let them go.. They are ingrained in my very heart and soul.
    I still hope, wish and pray that there might be an ending to all this.. I know we've read that Future take, we know there's more to our Dusty monster and Bliss Baby.. Life seems incomplete, like I'm missing something important whenever I think about Dusty and Bliss.. I want to know so bad what happens in the end for them... But I guess characters like Dusty and Bliss lives on, no ending to their story..
    And so they lived forever and happily... in my heart :)

  4. Wow. No book 3? I feel like this is a cop-out, sorry. I get that authors can't continually write about the same characters and their inspirations lead them down different paths. But book 2 clearly left the impression there would be a book 3- or novella of some sort. The whole "they live on!" Is a bit a slap in the face. I'd rather you tell me you are writing a new story or two so it might be several months until Dusty and Bliss's conclusion is finished. I can wait! I get it! But no conclusion at all?? Boo. Hiss. :( poor show.

    1. I understand your feelings and feel the same way, to tell you the truth. But some things are just not possible, and this is one of them.

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  6. I understood the ending (after 3 weeks of distress). I read those last few paragraphs over & over and eventually "Hello" became hopeful. But knowing the futuretake was out there and I'll never get to read it...my heart hasn't hurt like this since reading Delinquents. But I will accept it eventually. I have to trust what you're saying after creating a story that took over my life the way Dusty & Bliss did. As a book lover I will continue to chase those feelings over and over.
    P.S I would still name my first born child after you for a few pages out of that folder. ;)

  7. For a few pages ill CHANGE my first borns name to yours lol😁😁 I love your books i just recently stumbled upon dusty innocents and delinquent a week ago after reading dont let me fall.... I can honestly say i think neither of you can write anything that isnt just absolutely without a doubt hauntingly magical!!! Everything ive read so far is pure bittersweet genius I cant wait to read True love way 😁

  8. For a few pages ill CHANGE my first borns name to yours lol😁😁 I love your books i just recently stumbled upon dusty innocents and delinquent a week ago after reading dont let me fall.... I can honestly say i think neither of you can write anything that isnt just absolutely without a doubt hauntingly magical!!! Everything ive read so far is pure bittersweet genius I cant wait to read True love way 😁

  9. I've been a dusty fan for a while now. i found the story about halfway through while you were first posting it on ffn. i used to leave you guys ridiculously long reviews with comments, my favourite lines, pretty much everything and anything going through my mind at the moment. i begged for something after 'hello'.
    i bought innocents and deliquents and they broke my heart again. a couple days ago i decided to check on you guys and i found ffn had for some reason decided to unfollow you, and i had a bunch of stories i could read, which was pretty awesome.

    and then, i did some more digging. i found out about the future take, and i looked for it, and i found it. i haven't read it yet, im trying to build up the courage to do so.
    i also read something about a future take part 2?
    im just asking if the rumors were true, and if you ever posted it, or maybe decided not to? i don't know, basically is there any chance (do you think) you might post something else at some point?

    1. I know for a fact the future take is floating around and is passed around. I even wrote a second part. But because of contractual obligations, I'm not "allowed" to share it at this time. That may or may not change.

    2. Where would I look to find theses future takes?

  10. The thing is one of the things people love in books is character development. That moment when that character becomes a better version of themselfs after all the heartbreak. That's the moment we love and wait for. We waited till the end for it and there was none from Dusty, we didn't get to see his character develop, we only saw the same Dusty after two books.
    I'm sorry to say that this story is incomplete and needs a LOT of character development, but oh well.

    1. I respectfully disagree, and let me tell you why. I feel like you want the characters to develop from bad to good for your own personal fulfillment, but what happens in the book is that Dusty (and Bliss) develop from good to bad/Innocent to delinquent. They are not the same characters in both books. Dusty doesn't start off addicted to drugs and utterly lost, and Bliss doesn't start off being a victim/enabler of that.

      The story is about the cycle of addiction (along with love and friendship and growing up) But it's mostly about the cycle Dusty, Bliss, and the rest of them go through dealing with this thing he can't kick. What happens from Innocents to Delinquents is one full cycle.

      I agree that a third book could be written, and we can go into the next part of the cycle, but then there would need to be a fourth and fifth books, too. I've written more of their story, and I go back and forth with it a lot, to be honest. I'm the half of "The Elizabeths" that isn't happy with the ending of Delinquents, but I accepted it for all of the reasons I explained to you above.

      Dusty has been published one way or another for close to five years now. As the more vocal and connected author of the books, I've experienced and welcomed all reactions to the ending. It's in my experience that most readers are usually fired up right after they read it, but after some thoughtful consideration, they understand where I'm coming from.

      I appreciate your thoughts, though. Thank you so much for reading the books and reaching out to me. <3

    2. Yes I see your point there and I thought Bliss develop (the last part of the second book showed that from her), just didn't get the same feeling from Dusty, in my opinion.
      I still loved the two books though. I just felt the story was incomplete.
      Thank you for your answer to my opinion :D

  11. Mary I'm so disapionted I felt like there wasn't any results from all that drama. She lost her best friend, the trust of her parents, the relationship she had with her second parents, and her love. I didn't see any character development. But if that is what you think this series needed then I understand.
    PS. I won't be reading any of your books again even though you're a great author. I just can't deal with things feeling undone.

  12. Bliss did NOT lose her second family!!! In the end she says she knows where to get a good lawyer for anything, if she ever needs. That clearly says that Lucas is still, and always will be, there for her. Bliss and Dusty are so close to my own personal story, that I completely accept the ending of the book. This story is pure truth.

  13. Mary, I too have been looking for clues into the rest of dusty story. And reading these questions and answers has helped my depression over no third book. I give praise to you for being willing get to hear different views and options and actualy respond to them.

  14. literally started crying because when i finished delinquents it sounded like there was going to be a third book,, bliss and dusty are apart of me now and all i can think about is when they first met, and grew up and just ugh . your writing is amazing and pulled me in so deep . i really wish there was a third book :(

  15. Because I'm late to the game,having just read these books maybe it's too late to comment on the ending. Old news/beating a dead horse.. issue! But here goes, I wasn't totally dissatisfied w the ending, lets face it everyone loves a happy ending and everyone will root for love. It's ingrained in us. However, life doesn't come complete in a beautiful wrapped gift w a big bow. This is real...
    With that being said it's also human nature to want some sort of finality after investing all of that time and energy into characters you could either relate to or not.
    If I got to choose, I'd say Ffwd 8-10yrs (same time cycle they'd known each other thus far) and have them reconnect for better or for worse.. but just to see how it's "ended"
    I do disagree you'd need a book #4,#5& so on.
    I think one more... years later would wrap it up nicely, even if it's not garnered w a big bow!

  16. Not about Dusty, but...
    I just read Mcfearless for the umpteenth time and I just can't tell you how great it is. I looked you up and saw that you've actually been published, but it was for your Edward Bella fics. I highly recommend you trying to publish Mcfearless because it's definitely your best work. It's so funny, HOT, and it feels so real like these are the feelings guys would actually go through when experiencing these new feelings. I would really love to see more to the story (maybe a Christmas outtake wink wink). I would also love to see more slash work from you. There's so few slash authors that can really do it right out there and you can. Thank you for giving us Mcfearless whether you ever do anything more with Slash or not it was a true gift. Best of luck to you!!!