Frequently Asked Questions 

Will there be a third Dusty book? 

* I'm asked this question multiple times a day. There would be nothing I'd love more than to continue Dusty and Bliss' story, but unfortunately, there will not be a third book. 

When will Sever be out? How many books are in the Closer Series?

* I intended to have Sever published early 2017, but that obviously didn't happen. Now I'm looking for late 2017--early 2018 release.
 The series will technically end with Sever. There will be a companion novella, Crawl, but there's no release date yet. 

What book should new-to-you readers start with? 

*My genres are all over the place, so it depends on what you're looking for. Dusty is a Coming-of-Age, Contemporary Romance; it's also free on Amazon. 
True Love way is in the same genre and a standalone if you're looking for something short and sweet. 
Low and Poesy are my personal favorites, and those are Romantic Suspense books. 
And lastly, Closer is a second chance romance. 

Was that Dusty on the phone at the end of Delinquents?

*Isn't it obvious? 

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