Innocents (Dusty #1)
An Amazon Coming of Age and Contemporary Bestseller 

"This book speaks to our current culture. Bliss embodies the sweet side to the youth that everyone expects. We are introduced to the real world as an American teenager in the current age through Dusty. " -- Jordan, Amazon Five Star Review

The girl with an innocent heart knows all about bad choices, but has yet to make them for herself. 
Searching for freedom, she finds it in the delinquent down the hall. 
The troublemaker with the summer-sky blue eyes knows he should stay away, but can't resist the blissful wonder who makes his house a home. 
She's a hopeless romantic. He's just hopeless. 
She's his reason, but he might not catch her when she falls. 
She loves him. He loves her crazy.
This is what happens when a love made of secrets is kept with rules instead of promises.

Delinquents (Dusty #2)
An Amazon Top 100, Coming of Age, and Contemporary Bestseller 

"Winner of E.K Blair's favorite read of 2014!" -- E.K Blair, Author of Bang 

The innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices. Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again, but there's still freedom in trouble.

The runaway with blacked-out eyes is losing his grip. Crushing two hearts in one fist, his addiction bends rules and breaks deals, but the boy born for bliss isn't going anywhere without a fight.

Love is knowing they should stay away, but love is illogical at best.

She's afraid to let go.

He won't let her.

This is how silliness and foolishness grow up.

Here, forever is a lie.

True Love Way 

#1 Amazon Young Adult Fiction Best Seller
Amazon Coming-of-Age Best Seller


Some days are brighter than others, but Penelope Finnel has learned she can be invisible behind the colored lenses of her heart-shaped sunglasses.

Her mind is her own worst enemy, and simply waking up in the morning is risky. For a girl like her, staying in bed is easier. Especially when the day comes to start school in a new town with new kids who don’t understand that the clouds are not the only reason everything is so gloomy.

Dillon Decker is a typical boy from a typical small town who radiates light and happiness. Under the hovering glare of her father, Dillon leads Penelope around on his bicycle’s handlebars, hoping he will be the cure to her madness.

But as time goes by and when friend turns to lover, and lover turns to caretaker, how much can either of them endure before they’re swallowed whole?

This is a story about rollerblades and moving trucks, trading candy for smiles, and passing notes across lawns.

First love and the struggle to keep it sane.

The true love way.

#1 Suspense & Heist Bestseller on Amazon

"One of the most captivating, engrossing, thrilling, unputdownable reads that I've read in a LONG time! FIVE STARS!" - Maryse's Book Blog (Paranormal & UrbanFantasy)

It’s hard living on the wrong side of the tracks.

Lowen Seely has a criminal record to prove it. Determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps, he fights instinct and tries honesty. But hunger becomes painful, and bills are due. Forced to choose between what is right and wrong, the boy from the hood learns abiding by the rules is nearly impossible when corruption is in your blood. 

Falling for an outlaw has changed everything.

Poesy Ashby is the definition of ride or die, even when it means turning her back on freedom. The girl from the suburbs gives conformity the middle finger. Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on her love story. 

On the run with consequences in the rearview mirror, Lowen and Poesy accept the truth: they are the bad guys. 

But can they get away with their crimes?


***A Low Prequel Novella***

Living on the right side of the tracks can be cruel. 

Poesy Ashby lives a dysfunctional life to prove it. Determined not to turn out like her parents, she’s gives up seeking their approval and focuses on breaking free. But abiding by the rules is nearly impossible when corruption is in your blood. 

Before Poesy Ashby becomes a renegade on the run, she's a girl from the suburbs who finds acceptance for the first time in the most unexpected place: between rose petals and thorns. 

Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on her love story.

Closer (Closer #1)

Mary Elizabeth pens poisonous passion like no one else. Closer is filled with heart-racing angst, dysfunction, obsession, and beautiful, flawless writing. Ella and Teller's love is one epic roller coaster... and I never wanted it to end. - Jay McLean, International Bestseller.

Gabriella Mason is damaged.

Teller Reddy is wrecked.

Misery loves company, and that’s exactly what Ella gets the afternoon her path crosses with Teller’s: the misunderstood premed student who instantly becomes her lifeline when she moves to Los Angeles, an attempt at escaping her heartbreaking past. 

In the beginning, Lonely and Defensive complete each other. But in the end, their relationship is like broken glass—cutthroat and jagged. 

Calling it off before they kill each other, Ella and Teller decide to “just be friends” despite the intensity that binds them together. It’s a delicate foundation rocked by tragedy, effectively destroying the illusion they’ve so carefully built. 

Unable to deny what’s between them any longer, this is what happens when wrecked and damaged collide and close is still not close enough.


  1. All of a sudden lots of hits on my DUSTY reviews! Wonder why!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh please tell me this will be available on Kindle. I'm dying to read it.

  3. I just finished this series and thought it was so amazing. It reminded me off my teenage years and I can see so much of myself in bliss. I am hoping that you have a third book coming out so we can see what happens to dusty and bliss. Please say there will be a third book.

    1. Unfortunately, this is it for Dusty and Bliss. But there are other outtakes and things floating around. They are in fan fiction form (Dusty is originally a Twilight fan fiction) but they offer a little more insight to their story.

      Thank you for reading!

  4. I just finished this series! And I loved it! I hope there is a book 3! I <3 Dusty and Leighlee!

  5. Really loved these books. Please let there be a Dusty and Bliss book 3....we need their HEA

    1. I feel your pain, trust me. Thanks for reading, Hayley!

  6. Fantastic! Just...fantastic. The BEST I've read this year.

  7. Just finished Dusty (1&2) and absolutely loved it! Definitely one of my favourite books ever! Now on to Low or True love way -I cant decide which one first? ��

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much. Low actually doesn't come out until 2/1, so True Love Way first. LOL!

  8. i just wanted to say that its real fucking cool that one of the most talented writers ive ever "followed" or whatever on FF and in real life got published and is successful
    when i first read dusty on FF i thought it was crazy how talented authors like you were publishing these amazing stories for free on a website that felt kind of unknown

  9. Please do a book 3!!! Great book but so so sad... I didn't want it to end.

  10. I am absolutely in love with your books. Closer was my first read and then I followed up with the rest. Closer has got to be my absolute favorite of all time and that's really saying something. Growing up in California, hanging with a crew so similar to theirs, it just fit. Thank you for writing it and I honestly cannot wait for the next part of Closer. Because there HAS to be a follow up for them.